Every Body Is Worthy

Hello Ladies!

We are Catie and Steph and we have been bff’s for almost 15 years.

When we met at the lunch table freshman year we had no idea we would become friends. Not only friends, but best friends! Our friendship survives despite (shared) exes, different colleges, and new cities.

Yet here we are! Fifteen years later, supporting one another. Steph is a computer scientist and professor extraordinaire with a new baby. Catie manages communications at a non-profit in DC. Now we are introducing ourselves to you. Because we believe – fiercely – in the power of women.

Every woman (born female or not) deserves to be her best self. This blog is dedicated to all women and all bodies. We invite you to join us.

Cat mom who recently moved in with a gent. Best friend to the brilliant StephV. When I am not thinking about sex-ed, body positivity, and what to eat for dinner, I manage communications at a non-profit in DC.

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